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Jay ClouseAdmin
Creator of Freelancing School
Asked a question recently

Non-work related...what series or movie(s) are you watching right now? Looking for some new recommendations!

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Josh Robbs
Website Consultant

If you want something post-apocalyptic, Jericho.

If you need something light and funny, the Good Place.

Both are on Netflix. The final season (4 or 5) of the Good Place isn't on there yet.

Jenni Kowal
Graphic Designer | Anytime Creative

Just finished Season 1 of Ozark to see what the hype was about. Definitely worth the hype. Also watching "High Maintenance" on HBO and its fairly lighthearted 

jo bert
Graphic designer

Dark on netflix is amazing! not the type of show you can pay half attention to, you really need to think about whats going on to keep up! 2 seasons

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