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Josh Robbs
Website Consultant
Asked a question recently

Almost a month into 2020... how are you doing? What is working for you?

Where am I?

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Jay ClouseAdmin
Creator of Freelancing School

Thanks for teeing this up, @Josh Robbs5 .

It's been one heck of an intense month for me. I've been working through:

  • Going to CES for upside.fm5
  • A short trip to Denver (pleasure, not business)
  • Getting ready to launch a new podcast9
  • Tightening up enrollment for this Unreal Collective Accelerator7
  • A one-off consulting/freelance project
  • ...and finding a replacement for my lease so I can move into a new townhouse!

It's all seemingly wrapping up as hoped, but it's been intense while I'm in it. I've been quick to replace the mantra of, "This is a struggle" to "This is a fight." Working every day to get to the light at the end of the tunnel!

Josh Robbs
Website Consultant

I'm still playing catchup from missed work time in December, but I've been focused on starting the day in a way that gives me some energy. I've been reading/reflecting for 20 minutes with a sun lamp as soon as I get up. Then I turn the key takeaway(s) into word art. It isn't great but it helps it stick and the images are easily reviewable.

I don't think the sun lamp has magically cured my Wintertime doldrums but it has shortened my "wake up time". I go from "if you weren't my phone, I'd smash you for waking me up" to awake, focused, and productive in a minute or two.